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Vacation in your own private and remote cottage on beautiful Dog Lake
  Missanabie, Ontario  -  Canada

- You'll always return for another vacation in the Northern Wilderness - 






Annually, my family and I look so very forward to seeing our extended family at Dog Lake.
This is the time of year when we 'get the knots out' and are not bothered by T.V.'s. radios, PC's, pollution, big city noise and crowds.   
Wilfred, Alice and Charles Sheshequin offer the best package we could ever hope for and cover that which we cannot bring along with us, including fishing licences, freezers, bait, docking privileges, a general store with a good selection of supplies, and many more conveniences. 
Whilst allowing their guests privacy and comfort, the Sheshequins will anticipate all and any requirements, both before and during our stay.  They are there for us whenever we need them and also when we want to just visit with them, our friends.
When we are not enjoying boating, fishing, swimming, photography  and other aspects of natural beauty of 100 miles of shoreline on  Dog lake, all the sounds of nature calm the nerves and the lake acoustics in the evening show off the loons calls and those of other water birds too.
We have had the total pleasure of visiting Missanabie on Dog lake for well over 20 years now, in concession and have had no reason to look elsewhere for a perfect getaway, since our Northern Wilderness vacation is ideal and we want for nothing different.
Our son, who now lives in Tasmania, has been here to Dog lake twice in 3 years, most recently with his wife and baby daughter, and they are as smitten with the place as my husband and I are. 

E. Bartel - Ontario

This is our second year in a row staying at Northern Wilderness Cottages.  We used to go to a fly in lake for the same experience.  The best thing about staying at NWC and Dog Lake is having a cottage all to yourself, much like we did at Biggs lake, but at a quarter of the price!  The fishing was just as good and it was a lot easier to get to the cabin.  We are sure to be back again.

R. Taylor - Grand Rapids, MI


Just wanted to thank you once again for the great stay last summer at your place.  The wife and I were sitting around watching the fishing channel and it brought back memories of our time up at Dog Lake last July.  The shows seem to get us all charged up about another fishing week in the 'Great White North.'  We are counting the weeks until summer and our time up there cruising the lake and getting away from the rat race for just a bit.  The walleye dinners don't hurt either :)

S. Dudek - Hamtramck, MI

Thanks for the great times we have spent there.  The beauty of the lake and it's surroundings always cap off a great week of fishing.  The call of the loons in front of the cabin never cease to amaze us.  Our yearly trip up north is always looked forward to.  The Sheshequins always make us feel so welcomed. 

T. Olsen - Cincinnati, OH

Alice, Wilfred & Charlie,

 I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated our time at Northern Wilderness Cottages!  Randy has been staying with you for many years (14 I think)and this year the "Man Trip" turned into the "Family Trip".  We also were lucky enough to bring along two of my sisters and their families and my brother.  We have ALL agreed that it was an amazing vacation!  We can't wait to come back again next year.  The cottage was perfect with all of the amenities that we could ask for and a view that was awesome.  The beach was a blessing for children and adults, alike.  As always, the fishing was top notch.  Thanks again for helping us to make memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Kind Regards, 

Representing Team Chaos :)

Just want to give a big shout out to Charles and his family.  I visited his camp 4 years ago with my son-in-law and grandson.  While we had a great time, I was a little disappointed because I absent- mindedly left a gym bag full of clothes in cabin 8.  Among the clothes were my favorite Detroit Tigers shirt and  a golf rain suit worth about 80 dollars. Oh well, chalk it up to experience.  Imagine my surprise when I returned this year.  Not only did Charles remember me, but he and his mom stored my bag of clothes in a closet all this time. I was elated. What a stand up family!.  My friend Jimmy Speck and I had a great time even though we got rained on for 5 straight days. Cabin 2 was great and we found a couple of secret holes that produced some nice fish.  So thank you Charles.  We will be back. 


Jim Fiorenzi – Canton, MI

Howard SpeckSarasota, FL

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