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Northern Wilderness Cottages
Attn:  Charles Sheshequin
P.O. Box 38
Missanabie, Ontario
P0M 2H0
Phone (705) 234-2582

Email: info@northernwildernesscottages.com

You'll Always Return for Another Vacation 
in The Northern Wilderness


Escape From Civilization In Your Own Private And Remote Cottage


  • In the U.S., take the quickest way north to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (Usually Interstate 75 through Michigan).
  • Follow Highway 17 North to Wawa, Ontario.
  • Once in Wawa, take Highway 101 East towards Chapleau (40 miles).
  • Turn left onto Highway 651 North to Missanabie (35 miles).
  • Once in town, drive through until you cross the railway tracks.
  • Take a quick right and follow the road between the railway and lake to the end of the peninsula where you'll reach our base site.  

Highway map

Approximate Driving Distances to Missanabie


       Miles  Kilometers
Cincinnati          775       1240 
Cleveland          720       1150 
Columbus          740       1175 


         750       1200 
Toronto          600         960 
Chicago          720      1150
Detroit          560        895

Things to Remember


  • We sell various food staples at our office as well as ice, live bait, fishing licences and gas.
  • Missanabie is a small community with limited places to buy food.  Therefore, we suggest that you purchase the bulk of your supplies on your way up (e.g., Wawa or Sault Ste. Marie).   
  • If you choose to bring your own boat and motor, please ensure that it is free of any harmful species (e.g., Zebra Mussels, all vegetation, VHS, etc.).
  • Drain all bilge water, livewells and bait buckets.  Rinse hull, live wells and bait buckets with bleach solution.
  • It is illegal to transport live bait from the U.S. into Canada.
  • It is illegal for a non-resident to possess any type of bait fish trap.
  • We do not accept credit cards.  Payment by cash or traveller's cheques.  Personal cheques are accepted for deposit purposes only.
  • Handguns are illegal in Canada.  Long firearms require registration at the border before crossing.
  • As of June 2009, you will require a valid passport or enhanced driver's licence to re-enter the U.S.A.